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History: User guide for Library Catalog

A guide to history information at UM library

User guide

Library Catalog

Most of the library collection could be found here.


●Simple Search

Type relevant keywords into the search box.

and there are many fields could be used for searching,


●Advanced Search

Find advanced Search here to use 

Search for the type, language, publication date of the collection, or the author, subject, ISBN, etc.

On the other hand, there are some search hints for multi field or keyword search,



Filters could be used to narrow the results on Refine results, such as publication date, availability, resource type

Find the collection you need, the resource type are shown above the title, this book is available in soft copy and hard copy version, 

The book is Full text availability on Gale, find Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints to view online, 

Then login via UMPASS for viewing.

Or take a look below could find out the availability and the location of the book, 

click locate to find the location of the collection,

UM Dissertations & Theses Collection

This Collection provides online access to the dissertations and theses written by UM postgraduate students of the University and deposited with the University Library. Some contain tables of contents and abstracts, while some are full-text. Depending on authors' permission, the full-text versions can be accessed either via the internet, or through the campus intranet. This Collection is available for use for the purpose of private study or research in compliance with the copyright and author's rights requirements.

UM Dissertations & Theses Collection could be found on the library page,

Search or browser the title,

After Sign in with UMPASS, the collection could be viewed online. On the other hand, the hard copy of the collection could be found in the library.


Special collection request 

Most of the information of the special collection could be found in UM Digital Library Portal , collections page and COLLECTIONS.

●UM Digital Library Portal

found out the collection,

●Collection page

Choose the resource type to view the category, such as Maps, Posters or Newspapers,


Choose the resource type to view the category, such as UM Archives, Rare Book Collection,

If there is something you need, you could make request to view it in the library, 

visit the library page and find FORM, 

find Special Collection Request Form (For UM users only)

find the collection type,

input the information of the collection, sign in with UMPASS, and the library will contact you via email, after received the notice, you could visit the reference desk on the library for viewing the collection. Please allow at least one working day’s notice. Starting from the following day after the requested date (excluding holidays). (e.g., items requested on Monday will be available on Wednesday; items requested on Friday or over the weekend will be available on Tuesday)

UM Scholars Page

UM Scholars Page could be found on the library page,

search or browse the UM scholar,

in which his Research Outputs of the UM scholar could be found.


UM Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS)

The University of Macau Library has partnered with some premier universities in the world to establish the Outstanding Academic Papers by Students (OAPS) project. The main purpose is to encourage our students to carry out quality research work by collecting and preserving these works in digital format in the Library website. The papers now in the database are from students in various faculties in the University and the number of these papers will increase gradually in the years to come.

OAPS could be found on the library page,

search or browser the title,

sign in and view online.

Library Account

The library account could be access in the library page or library catalog

choose UMPASS or other library users account for login,

Your could check for the due day of the book you borrowed, renew the book,