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Hospitality and Gaming Resources

General Search Tips

Most of the search platforms provide Boolean search operators in advanced search. AND narrows a search, OR expands your search, NOT excludes results with unwanted keyword. Kindly find the following 4 examples for reference.

Example 1: Title keyword search with AND. e.g. “integrated resorts” AND hotels

Example 2: Title keyword search with OR. e.g. “integrated resorts” OR hotels

Example 3: Title keyword search with NOT. e.g. “integrated resorts” NOT hotels

Example 4: Combination search. e.g. (resorts OR hotels) AND management

Phrase Search is to search an exact word or phrase, enclose the term in quotation marks. 

For example: “hospitality industry”, “integrated resorts”

Wildcards allow users to construct queries with partial search terms. Use a question mark (?) in a search term to match any one character and use an asterisk (*) in a search term to match any set of zero or more characters.

For example:
•    The search term “l?st” matches last, list, etc.
•    The search term “gam*” matches game, gaming, gambling, etc.