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Patent Information Service and Patent Education: Finding Patents

The University of Macau Library provides Patent Information Service to support UM’s research and collaborative innovation.

Finding Patents

PatentScout is an easy to use and private search tool that helps you discover relevant patents, organizations and technologies using semantic search or advanced keyword syntax. Access to PatentScout requires UM email registration. 


Google Patents includes over 120 million patent publications from 100+ patent offices from around the world


There are 20,586 patents in the Inspec database from the years 1969-1976.




Scopus includes about 23 million patent records from the patent offices of major countries and areas. After conducting a search in Scopus, users can click the "Patents" to view patent results (as shown in the picture below).

Searching patents in Scopus







  • Derwent Innovation (DI) 

Derwent Innovation is a patent research and analytics platform delivering access to globally trusted patents and scientific literature. It enables users to search, visualize and analyze patent information across the innovation lifecycle, detect and manage infringement risk, and assess patentability or freedom to operate. Features include seamless integration into trusted patent data (DWPI), search accuracy using Smart Search, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enhanced intelligence into patent ownership, patent enforceability analysis, visual IP intelligence using Themescape, and connecting technology with authoritative patent experts. To request the use of Derwent Innovation, please contact the Library's Patent Information Service Team at

  • incoPat 

incoPat collects more than 100 million patents from around 102 countries/organizations/areas, among which, patent data of 22 countries have been particularly collected and processed with more comprehensive fields and higher quality. incoPat supports more than 70 dimensions of self-defined statistical analysis, providing various visible templates including line chart, bar chart, pie chart, column chart, global map, Chinese map, bubble chart, stacked bar chart, radar map and so on. Also the system could generate report automatically for you to get easy access to analysis conclusion of patent data. To request the use of incoPat, please contact the Library's Patent Information Service Team at


  • Innography 

Innography provides deep insights to make informed decisions across the IP life cycle. It provides 100+ visualizations condense large data sets into compelling, dynamic visuals that are easily shared with stakeholders. The search and analytics tools use the latest advances in AI and big data to provide the most relevant and current information. To request the use of Innography, please contact the Library's Patent Information Service Team at


Many countries' intellectual property offices provide patent search systems that allow the public to search for patents or patent applications that have been published in the country. The following is an introduction to the patent search system of the National Intellectual Property Administration of the PRC (CNIPA), the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the European Patent Office (EPO) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Guidelines on the use of those systems are provided in the Patent Search Guidelines in the next section.



The CNIPA Patent Search and Analysis System is provided by the National Intellectual Property Administration of the PRC (CNIPA) for the search and analysis of Chinese patents. It is free to use, but users have to register for a free account first.






Through the J-PlatPat you can retrieve information on Legal Status, Fee Payment, Patent Term Extension, and access the Full Publications.


KIPRIS covers publications of Korean Intellectual Property Rights applications, legal status information, trial information, etc.