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Training Videos for Library Workshops 圖書館工作坊培訓視頻: Home

Brief Overview of Training Videos 培訓視頻簡介

UM Library is providing various workshops in library training for university members. To strengthen the effective learning, we keep uploading the training videos on this web page upon trainers' permission. Hopefully, it would be helpful and useful to those not attended but interested in the library workshops as well as those participants for their efficient review.


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Training Videos / Materials 培訓視頻 / 課件

Britannica Academic Training

GDP Nowcasting: Measuring the Chinese Economy

WOS & ESI & JCR助您洞悉前沿趨勢,把握研究熱點

WOS :SCIE 助力创新性科学研究-仅供交流学习使用

Research Evaluation: ESI and InCites (事实型资料助力学科分析与服务——InCites/ESI分析平台简介与应用)

Research Discovery: Web of Science and JCR (利用Web of Science/JCR助力创新科研)

Datastream Workshop

Academic Search Ultimate資料庫使用介紹



論文投稿新紀元:open 出版




投 稿 停 看 聽


手把手教你用 Emerald 電子資料庫

Oxford Economics 

Patent Search and Chemscape Analysis