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Citation Certification Service 論文收錄引用證明: Home


UM Library is offering a Citation Certification Service to our UM faculty members and postgraduate students, who have the need of verification against the citation number of their publications, for academic purpose or job application. The library staff will help to verify with such citation sources as Web of Science Core Collection, Scopus.

大學圖書館為本校師生提供論文收錄/引用證明,以茲反映教師或學生在Web of Science Core Collection及Scopus中其論文被收錄以及引用的情況。

About the report 報告內容

Citation search report contains (報告包括以下內容):

  • Author's personal information (申請者個人資料)
  • Author's publication list in Web of Science Core Collection, Scopus and/or Google Scholar (作者文章列表)
  • The number of times cited in Web of Science Core Collection, Scopus and/or Google Scholar (被引用情況)
  • A stamped certificate that endorses the citation search results (圖書館蓋章)
  • Other requirements shall be included (按申請者需要的內容)

Charges (費用): Free of charge (免費)

Report completion days (完成時間): 7 working days (7個工作日) *

* For articles over 20, days will be subject to change.

p.s. Each report can include requestor's all publications. 一份報告會包括申請者提交的所有文章.

How to apply 如何申請

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